Dent Repair


SMART Repairs

Minor Scratch, Scuff and Tear Repairs (SMART)

SMART repairs are localised rectification of scratches, chips, scuffs and damaged interior fabrics or plastics. A ‘SMART’ repair can be carried out in a single day; reducing inconvenience and cost to you.

SMART repairs can rectify bumper scuffs, alloy wheel damage, localised paint repairs, interior repairs and paintless dent removal.

Our Smart Repair Services:

  • Paintless dent removal (PDR)
  • Bumper Scratches
  • Wheels
  • Interior trim
  • Seats

Accident Repairs

This is the core of our business, with you our customer at the forefront each and every time. With state of the art facilities, latest repair technology, fully trained technicians along with our friendly and experienced customer support team, you’re in safe hands. Each repair we carry out requires specific tooling and equipment, something that is only achieved as a manufacturer approved repair centre. This means that your warranty always remains fully protected. Our continued investment and delivery into excellence provide a service that we believe is unrivalled. YOU BEND IT WE MEND IT